CR Series Solar Charge Controllers by solarenergymalawi

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Battery State-of-Charge and charge status display
Installation fault status display

Battery State-of-Charge and charge status display
Installation fault status display
Slide cover to hide terminals
Integrated strain relief
Large terminals (up to 16 mm2)
PWM-regulation on shunt load
Three-stage charging method
Self-adapting charge algorithm
Automatic 12 / 24 Volt detection
Integrated temperature compensation Solid-state circuit and load protection
The CR30W is a sophisticated charge regulator for 12 V or 24 V DC small wind
applications based on a special micro-controller. The regulation is done by a shunt
load which is switched by the regulator to prevent overcharging. Therefore the wind
generator can be connected directly to the battery and never runs unloaded or short
circuited. The microcontroller together with a smart electronic circuit provides
high-efficiency charging technology combined with a reduction in the number of
electronic components. Therefore excellent battery treatment is now available at
reasonable cost and with outstanding reliability even at tough environmental
The self-adjusting, temperature-compensated three-stage PWM charging method
(constant current - boost/equalization float) provides an increase of the battery
lifetime of 20% up to 100% compared to simple on/off charge regulators. The charge
controller adjusts itself to battery type, battery capacity and ambient temperature to
improve battery treatment. The enclosure is very easy to install, as strain relieves are
Max. shunt load current 30 A
Max. load current 20 A
Voltage 12 / 24 V
Dimensions 34 x 133 x 216 mm
Self power consumption < 4mA